Make Users Awesome with Tailored Microsoft Analytics, BI, & Report Writer Training

  • Flexible on-demand, scheduled, and custom training options.
  • Contextual, user-focused training for report writing, dashboard building, data architecture, Jet, Power BI, and more!
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Data Technology is Only One Piece of the Puzzle: Our BI Training Methodology

Selecting the technology that drives your data-driven goals is only the beginning. The people who use the tools are the true agents of innovation and change. Wye Sight focuses on delivering flexible training formats that adapt to the individual user for report writing, dashboard building, and data architecture on nearly all Microsoft data platforms. We take the attention off features and functions alone to concentrate on the personal learning experience so you can change how your company utilizes data and technology to build and sustain growth. We help make your users awesome by approaching training with these primary principles:

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Facilitate an infinite loop of learning
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Inject valuable context into the technology adoption experience
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Empower individuals to become a master of their own craft

On-Demand Training

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule. Wye Sight’s on-demand reporting, analytics, and BI user training options adapt to each user’s availability, desired intake speed, and timetables to ensure adoption that supports your organization’s relevant data-driven culture and goals.

Onsite and Remote Scheduled Training

Scheduled onsite or remote training classes help unify your data strategy and bring the power of data to life for your organization. Our interactive, live educational courses are delivered via web meeting or performed at a preferred location and built to adapt to diverse learning styles.

Wye Sight’s hands-on trainings can teach users how to build reports and dashboards, analyze data using different sources, create data sets, and get familiar with how all the tools and features in your data architecture stack work together. From Jet Reports and Jet Analytics to TimeXtender, Microsoft’s modern data warehouse architecture, and Power BI training, we have a scheduled training option to fit your needs.


Custom and Ad Hoc Training

The struggle with intricate or complex data projects can get real. If you’re trying to connect multiple data sources and different systems, or you are challenged to make your data architecture do what you want, we can help. Our custom and ad hoc training services are designed to tackle your biggest data hurdles, the way your business and your people demand.

Our data scientists and experts are here to teach you anything you need to learn about Power BI, data warehouse architecture and governance, building reports, creating dashboards, or building your analytics strategy. With Wye Sight’s tailored BI training options, be assured there won’t be a data stone left unturned.

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