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Get KPIs and metrics that look at the bigger picture of your operation and reveal trends while you govern your data with one version of the truth.

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Turnkey Analytics and BI Solutions Tailored to Your Existing Data Environment

Business intelligence (BI) starts and ends with data: how it’s collected, stored, organized, and accessed. To understand your historical and transactional data and use it to uncover patterns and analyze opportunities for the future, you need a data infrastructure that aligns with your business goals and people. At Wye Sight, we help businesses of every size leverage data to inform, predict, and take action. With extensive expertise in reporting, analytics, data warehousing, data lakes, and third-party BI solutions, our goal is to get you accurate answers to any question using the data infrastructure you already have.

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One version of the truth to make accurate decisions and assumptions.
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User-friendly tools to empower everyone in your organization with BI and analytics.
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Deliver value immediately with turnkey installation in hours, not months.
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Easily customize your BI environment to fit your unique requirements.
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Quickly perform business analysis in Excel, Power BI, and on the web.
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Streamlined data migration from legacy systems.

7 Facts You Need to Know About Power BI

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Simplify Your Data Structure with an Optimized Data Warehouse

Becoming data-driven is not instant – it’s a process. The first step before you start analyzing is to get your data in a usable form. From ERP software to legacy systems, Wye Sight has the skills and knowledge to bring all of your data sources together into a centralized data management platform, i.e., a data warehouse. A data warehouse is critical to getting one complete view of your data and using it for accurate reporting, decision making, and other data initiatives.


Reach Your Goals Faster with Third-Party Dynamics 365 BI Solutions

To reach your analytical goals and promote data-driven decision making, it’s important that your reporting and BI software works the way your business wants and your people can absorb. Third-party BI solutions are designed to simpllify data migration, save on development costs, eliminate complexity, and increase adoption. At Wye Sight, we offer installation, optimization, training, and support for the following systems:

  • Jet Analytics
  • Azure Data Lakes
  • TimeXtender
  • Power BI
  • Custom API solutions
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Our Agile Approach to Business Intelligence

At Wye Sight, we take a collaborative, iterative approach to implementing your business intelligence project. Following our methodology, we identify and document the key business processes, needs, and questions asked, then compose the subsequent solutions that we will provide with the data warehouse.

Involve All Teams
All BI projects are organized around your different business processes and priorities – with every key stakeholder on board.

Immediate Results
You don’t have to wait! All processes are usable after sprint while implementation is in progress.

Output Focused
We’re all about quick wins. We start with setting your business up for optimal reporting.

Discover What Becoming a Data-Driven Organization Looks Like