Optimize Your Print Operations with PrintVis Reporting, Dashboard, and BI Solutions

  • Provide your users with the tools and skills they need to master reporting and dashboard creation in PrintVis.
  • Always have the right answers to drive confident decision making and become faster, smarter, and more agile.
  • Uncover hidden revenue possibilities and competitive advantages to fuel growth and dominate your markets.
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Leverage Data at the Pace Your Business Wants

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, PrintVis is an all-in-one MIS (ERP) solution built for the print, label, and packaging industry. As with most ERPs, collecting data from inventory and accounting to estimating and production planning is easy. The hard part is transforming that data into reports and dashboards that you can use to drive process efficiencies and boost profit margins. That’s where Wye Sight can help.

Reduce Human Errors
Reduce Human Errors Reduce errors and increase efficiency by allowing people to work on strategic initiatives instead of redundant, manual tasks that don’t contribute to profitability.
Capitalize on Opportunities
Capitalize on Opportunities With complete visibility into performance and the ability to drilldown into your data, you will be able to predict and respond to change faster than ever.
Increase Profitability
Increase Profitability Analytics give you the insight into performance to make decisions faster, operate more efficiently, and grow your bottom line bigger.
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Bring Your Print Business into the Future

Wye Sight offers methodical, simplified ways to introduce scalable reporting and BI solutions that allow you to incrementally leverage data at the pace your business wants and your people can absorb – while continuing to drive toward exponential growth. Here are some of the management reporting and analytics tools that can help you extract more meaningful insights out of your PrintVis system:

Power BI Integration
Easily drill down into your data with an optimized Power BI system and trained users who know how to use it effectively.

Predictive Analytics
Identify potential issues early, plan for increased demand, and promote continued growth in your print shop.

Data Warehouse
Migrate multiple data sources (including legacy data) into a unified data repository for accurate reporting and analytics.

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Custom Reporting and Dashboards That Scale

PrintVis includes pre-defined reports and dashboards that you can use directly out-of-the-box or modify to meet your needs. But let’s face it, cookie cutter isn’t going to get you to the level of management reporting you are looking for. With our reporting and BI insight, Wye Sight can help you customize your reports and dashboards to fit your data-driven goals. With our expertise, you can easily access data, quickly analyze performance, and make timely decisions that impact your business.

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Promote Productivity and Save Costs with Awesome Users

When all members of your organization share the same information, there is better communication, collaboration, and efficiency between them. They are able to quickly access information, pinpoint issues, and find solutions. At Wye Sight, we offer a selection of PrintVis services aimed at improving the user experience and driving performance:

  • PrintVis reporting and analytics consultation
  • PrintVis training and support
  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • PrintVis reporting and BI tool integration

Adapt to Changing Demand with Wye Sight’s PrintVis Consulting Services