Dig Deeper into Your Data with Power BI Consulting and Training

  • Give your users the tools they need to master reporting and dashboard creation in Power BI.
  • Reduce errors with governed, accurate date from a warehouse designed to pull information from multiple sources.
  • Help your business reach its full potential by harnessing the full capabilities of your data and your people.
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Take the Complexity Out of Power BI

Microsoft Power BI can deliver incredibly useful visual analytics that identify the trends, opportunities, and metrics to proactively improve your business performance. However, it’s notoriously difficult for most users and organizations to execute the proper technical setup required to deliver it. But, it doesn’t have to be. Remove the bottleneck of scarce resources and let Wye Sight’s certified Power BI team help you create the data environment and dashboards that deliver answers you need to guide impactful decision making.

Eliminate the Guesswork
Eliminate the Guesswork Combining data from multiple data sources is complicated in Power BI, and it’s not optional. You can’t make accurate decisions based on half your data.
Build Valuable Dashboards
Build Valuable Dashboards Empower your users with the ability to create and edit their own reports and dashboards without technical help.
Relentlessly Discover Opportunities
Relentlessly Discover Opportunities Uncover hidden revenue possibilities and competitive advantages to fuel growth and dominate your markets.

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Simplify Your Data Structure

The technology behind Power BI is highly sophisticated, but it’s only as good as the quality of setup and implementation. Before you can use the features to build insights in Power BI, you must first develop data models or create your own data warehouse. This process can take months depending on the volume of your business data, the complexity of your systems, and the bandwidth of your IT department. At Wye Sight, our Power BI consultants have extensive experience leveraging third-party BI solutions to do the heavy lifting and fulfill your data management needs, including:

Jet Analytics

With a pre-built data warehouse and cubes designed for reporting and analytics, start using Power BI in weeks with little to no programming required.

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Connect multiple data sources in a single data warehouse or data model with this automated data management platform built for faster reporting and BI.

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7 Facts You Need to Know About Power BI

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Realize a Faster Return on Your Power BI Investment

Power BI is one of the most popular BI products on the market because its relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and provides multiple options for collaboration, publishing, and consumption.  With the right data management tools and experienced consultants by your side, you can start capitalizing on Power BI’s impressive data visualizations and drive your business forward.

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Create Power BI Super Users with Additional Training and Support

To truly get the most out of Power BI, you need an experienced partner who understands the intricacies of the system and the importance of data management. At Wye Sight, we have an impressive roster of Power BI experts with a deep knowledge of data science, warehousing, reporting, and performance analysis. Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing setup or interested in topping up your Power BI skills, we offer:

  • Power BI consultation
  • Onsite or remote training classes
  • Custom dashboard development
  • Ongoing Power BI consulting and support

Discover New Opportunities with Wye Sight’s Power BI Consulting Services