Leverage the Right Tools with Microsoft BI Consulting for Dynamics 365

  • Simplified data management tools to push your business forward.
  • Build a foundation for fast reporting, insightful analytics, and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.
  • Trusted insight and instant answers from your Dynamics 365 data to drive confident decision making.
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Harness the Full Power of Dynamics 365 Reporting and Analytics

At Wye Sight, our goal is to prepare your business and its data for cloud scalability, large-queries, advanced analysis, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence (AI), and IoT streaming devices. We offer a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business intelligence (BI) consulting services and solutions to consolidate, organize, collect, and deliver data analytics and reporting from Dynamics 365 and any combination of data warehouse and reporting platform. From Azure Data Lakes to Azure Synapse Analytics, we have a deep understanding of how to leverage your Dynamics 365 data to drive results.

Go Beyond Basic Reporting
Go Beyond Basic Reporting Whether in Excel or inside Dynamics 365, Wye Sight guarantees to deliver the key information and business snapshot reports you require the way you want them.
Unravel Complex Data Concepts
Unravel Complex Data Concepts Let Wye Sight help you organize your Dynamics 365 data architecture to consistently make sense of the data and support informed decision marking.
Always Have the Right Answers
Always Have the Right Answers Leverage all of the data you generate to improve processes, solve inefficiencies, and capitalize on opportunities to become faster, smarter, and more agile.

Put Your BI Strategy First with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a robust, powerhouse ERP that centralizes all your operational processes. But it is built specifically to collect data, not easily get it out. From visually stunning dashboards in Microsoft Power BI and operational reports in Excel, to governed data warehousing and business intelligence – our Dynamics 365 data experts bring your ERP data to life in the way people want and need to consume it.

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Setup a Modern Data Warehouse Using Microsoft Data Lakes

Data lakes are an architectural approach specifically designed to handle data of every variety, velocity, and volume. They allow for storage of infinite amounts of structured and unstructured data where it can be cleaned and prepped before being brought into your data warehouse in the correct format for reporting.

  • Run large scale queries without inhibiting performance
  • Eliminate high-cost storage and allow seamless scalability for your data size and storage needs
  • Affordable data storage for structured and unstructured data

Are Microsoft Azure Data Lakes the Next Big Thing for Your Business?

Understand the purpose behind Microsoft’s modern data warehouse architecture and find out if it fits your business.

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Tap into Advanced BI and Machine Learning with Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics at scale and speed. As a unified data warehouse, it provides a platform for unlimited data exploration and analytics for all your data workloads. Wye Sight can help you navigate Microsoft’s huge selection of Azure analytics services to fit any and all of your data needs, including:

Azure Analysis Services

Coupled with Azure Analysis Services, your Azure Synapse data warehouse will feed Power BI, paginated reports, and advanced analytics.

Azure Databricks

Alternately, data can flow through Azure Databricks, a collaborative and unified data science platform for building AI solutions, to prep the data before it flows into the Synapse and Analysis database. From Databricks, it can also go straight through to Power BI.

Uncover New Possibilities with Wye Sight’s Dynamics 365 Consulting Services