Reduce Reporting Costs with Jet Analytics Consulting and Training

  • Pre-built data warehouse and cubes with no coding or development required.
  • Quick and affordable BI solution to organize and consolidate data from multiple sources.
  • Produces governed data that you and your people can rely on to make actionable decisions.
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Trust Your Data Quality with Turnkey BI and Analytics

Jet Analytics is one of the most widely used and trusted reporting and business intelligence tools for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. As a turnkey BI and analytics system, it delivers the ERP data businesses need, in the Excel format and application people want. The challenge is, getting the proper implementation and responsive support to exploit the full capabilities of Jet Analytics is difficult to find. Until now.

One Version of the Truth
One Version of the Truth Accurate data needs to be governed to a state of truth and reliability. Jet Analytics provides the platform to manage your data and ensure consistent data quality.
Data Warehouse Automation
Data Warehouse Automation Reduce errors and increase efficiency by allowing people to work on strategic initiatives instead of redundant, manual tasks that don’t contribute to profitability.
Ready-to-Use Analytics
Ready-to-Use Analytics Jet Analytics is designed for productivity and performance. Start building reports and dashboards immediately with easily accessible BI at your fingertips.
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Get the Support You Need to Realize the Full Capabilities of Jet Analytics

The Wye Sight team is built from the same data experts who helped develop, design, and support the Jet Global products nearly from the beginning. Our approach is centered around partnering people with data to enhance their abilities, drive better decision making, and uncover new possibilities. We can answer any questions you have or build and implement a tailored project plan for:

  • Jet Analytics user training
  • Custom reports or dashboards
  • Power BI integration
  • The Jet Analytics/TimeXtender data warehouse
  • Report optimization and troubleshooting
  • Ongoing, accessible support
  • Licensing, users, and feature management

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Quickly Perform Business Analysis in Excel, Power BI, and on the Web

Jet Analytics brings all of your data together in one place for fast, flexible reporting and analytics. With a user-friendly interface and integration with your other systems, your non-technical users have the power to build, modify, and share their own reports and dashboards. By empowering every resource in an organization with the information they need to execute in their roles faster and better, it allows companies to outperform their competitors, improve operations, exceed revenue goals, and sustain growth.

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Prepare Your Data for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

To scale with and satisfy the unique data-driven goals of every client, we begin by analyzing and evaluating your current state and ultimate objectives to determine how best to leverage data through reporting, BI, AI, and/or machine learning. AI initiatives aren’t out of reach for growing enterprises, nor do they replace the need for people. We bring AI to organizations that need it for efficiencies and operational advancements that simply can’t be accomplished with manual labor alone.

Improve Performance with Wye Sight’s Jet Analytics Consulting Services