Get Lightning-Fast Business Central Reports and Dashboards in the Cloud with Cosmos

  • Intuitive reporting, analytics, and data management in Microsoft Azure cloud exclusively designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • On-demand, data-driven intelligence designed for real-life users, not technical experts.
  • Limitless, simultaneous reporting built for unparalleled efficiency and speed.
  • Fast, secure, and easy to use reporting in Excel built on one unified reporting engine.
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Tap into Your Business Central Data

If you’re ready to tap into the next generation of reporting and analytics in Dynamics 365 Business Central, meet Cosmos. Built by veteran Dynamics data experts, Cosmos runs on Microsoft Azure to make cloud reporting and dashboard building fast and simple. With an incredibly intuitive report builder, a unified platform, and a centralized reporting portal, Cosmos gives you complete and total control of your data strategy.

From Zero to Live in 30 Minutes
From Zero to Live in 30 Minutes With 30 pre-built reports and a user-friendly report editor, Cosmos is built to get your company set up, running reports, and making decisions in 30 minutes or less.
Create Reports Without Technical Know-How
Create Reports Without Technical Know-How Don’t worry about the underlying data structure or learning new technology; everyone in your organization can instantly start creating reports directly in Excel.
Secure Reporting at Lightning-Fast Speeds
Secure Reporting at Lightning-Fast Speeds As a true cloud reporting solution, Cosmos is 48 times faster than other Dynamics Excel-based reporting tools. You can also run unlimited reports simultaneously!
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Keep Your Data Organized Without the Expensive Price Tag

Powered by Microsoft’s Azure Data Factory, the Cosmos Data Engine consolidates, cleanses, and organizes your Business Central data into pipelines for quick reporting and analysis. This reduces the high costs and technical complexities typically associated with data warehouses and modeling. No more coding. No more waiting. No more upkeep. No more workarounds. Truly get better data management and reporting from anywhere with Cosmos.

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Reporting, Analytics, and Data Management in One, Unified Platform

Cosmos was built to fill the gap in Business Central reporting with an intuitive, lighting-fast, and fully unified data engine. Unlike other reporting and BI solutions, it’s faster, simpler, and easier to maintain. In the Cosmo Portal, for example, you can navigate to existing reports and dashboards, create new ones in Excel, manage users and permissions, edit your data model, and more.

  • Start customizing 30 pre-built reports that work with your data out-of-the-box
  • User-friendly Cosmos Report Editor integrates directly in Microsoft Excel
  • Quickly run unlimited, simultaneous reports in seconds, not hours
  • Easily manage permissions and data modeling with minimal administrative effort
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Hyper Responsive, Scalable Performance in the Microsoft Cloud

Leveraging Microsoft Azure, Cosmos automatically integrates with your Microsoft technology stack and can be used immediately by logging into your Active Directory. Cosmos also offers a free knowledgebase with comprehensive training videos to show you how easy it is to get started. If you’re interested in seeing the benefits of what a true cloud reporting solution built for Business Central can do for you, contact Wye Sight for a demo!

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