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Capitalize on your data from every source with agile data management, reporting, BI, advanced analytics, and machine learning services for manufacturers.

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Scalable Reporting & Analytics Solutions to Outperform the Competition

Experience faster performance and bigger results with data services customized to fit your manufacturing operations. With extensive expertise and proficiency in making data science, data warehousing, reporting, and analytics, Wye Sight is focused on partnering people with data to enhance their abilities, drive better decision making, and uncover new possibilities. By empowering every resource in an organization with the information they need to execute in their roles faster and better, it allows companies to outperform their competitors, improve operations, exceed revenue goals, and sustain growth

Eliminate Bottlenecks and Human Error
Eliminate Bottlenecks and Human Error Reduce errors with automation, allowing people to work on strategic initiatives instead of redundant, manual tasks that don’t contribute to profitability.
Improve Process Efficiency and Productivity
Improve Process Efficiency and Productivity Look at the bigger picture of your manufacturing operation and reveal trends while you govern your data for one version of the truth.
Relentlessly Discover Opportunities
Relentlessly Discover Opportunities Leverage absolutely all of the data you generate and have to improve processes, solve inefficiencies, and capitalize on opportunities to become faster, smarter, and more agile.
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Leverage Data to Inform, Predict, and Take Action

Other data, reporting, and analytics service companies oversell, overinflate, and overcomplicate data projects without attention to the needs of the people in your business that you rely on to run and grow it. Not at Wye Sight. Our goal is to unravel traditionally complex data concepts into consumable pieces that work for your people to guarantee successful outcomes.

We offer methodical, simplified ways to introduce scalable solutions and data-driven goals that allow your business to incrementally leverage data at the pace your business wants and your people can absorb while continuing to drive toward exponential growth. 



Experience Immediate Results

We take an output-focused approach to BI and analytics projects at Wye Sight. After identifying and documenting your key business processes, needs, and questions, we break the project out by business function and instantly start setting your manufacturing business up for optimal reporting. Our methodology is:

  • Fast and Agile: We take an iterative approach to implementing your business intelligence project, building and refining in sprints to bring value quickly​
  • Relevant: Project is organized around your different business processes and priorities​
  • Collaborative: Inputs from key stakeholders in their related sprints are the foundation of a successful implementation
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Talk to a Manufacturing Industry Expert

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Prepare Your Data Infrastructure for AI and Machine Learning

AI initiatives aren’t out of reach for growing enterprises, nor do they replace the need for people. With an experienced data science team like Wye Sight, we bring AI and machine learning to organizations that need it for efficiencies and operational advancements that simply can’t be accomplished with manual labor alone. Our advanced data initiatives can help you programmatically make predictions and create actions based on historical data points, complex computing power, and human input.

Let Wye Sight build a personalized AI plan and overview for your manufacturing business to show you how you can take data to the next level.

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