Print MIS Facts

Discover everything you need to know about print MIS technology and how it is breathing life into print production efficiency, user productivity, and profitability.

Early commercial laser printer.

Evolution of the Print Industry

A lot has changed since 1973, when the first commercial laser printer was released to the market, enabling high-volume print shops to print bulk orders more cost-effectively. In today’s fast-paced digital world where customers expect more selection, quality, and speed than ever before, print companies are faced with the challenge of profitability. With razor-thin 1-3% profit margins, the only way to grow your revenues and produce a solid ROI in the print industry is with the right technology and tools.

In a high-volume, low-margin industry, finding a single business application to manage inventory, create estimates, schedule production, collect payments, and ensure cash flow was hard to find until print management information systems (MIS) entered the picture. A print MIS is an integrated software system that provides end-to-end visibility and control over your entire print operations, including printing processes, warehousing, and invoicing.

what is a print mis

What is a Print MIS?

Learn about the challenges of operating in a high-volume, low-margin industry, and how print management information systems (MIS) are breathing new life into print production efficiency, user productivity, and profitability.

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Helpful Facts About Print MIS Technology

Print MIS have revolutionized print companies of all shapes and sizes. While the software includes a ton of useful features, there are six major reasons why the technology consistently delivers a good return on your print MIS investment:

Reduce Repetitive Tasks Reduce Repetitive Tasks
Save valuable time across your company by automating job tracking and eliminating manual, time-consuming tasks.
Automate Workflows Automate Workflows
By streamlining production and scheduling jobs more efficiently, print MIS allows you to take on more jobs every day.
Empower Employees Empower Employees
Print MIS provides quick access to the data and tools your users need to do their jobs efficiently and accurately.
Improve Customer Satisfaction Improve Customer Satisfaction
Impress your customers and sell more with fewer touchpoints, better quality control, and faster performance.
Estimate Jobs Faster Estimate Jobs Faster
Increase the number of jobs that go through your print shop with consistent estimates based on accurate pricing.
Lower Operating Costs Lower Operating Costs
With improved process efficiency and optimized inventory levels, print MIS helps you control costs and identify areas of improvement.

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