How Your Estimating Process Can Help – Or Hurt – Your Business

You've decided your current estimating process isn’t working anymore, but how do you even know where to begin when it comes to fixing it? It’s a key process, so big changes can take time, but Wye Print can help provide the advice and insight you need, including:

  • 5 ways integrated quoting will immediately make your estimates more accurate
  • How important real-time reporting is to decision-making and your bottom line.
  • What items to consider when looking for a more effective estimating process, such as materials or definitions

Learn how to best meet your customers’ needs quickly, and increase your bottom line with print MIS/ERP solutions. Estimations can be done fast and accurately, without redundancies or data entry inefficiencies. When your estimates are on target, you are in a better position to make strategic decisions that grow your company and increase your profit margins.

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