Transform Your Print Business with Microsoft and Print MIS Cloud Services 

Digital Transformation for Your Print Business with the Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft cloud services can be the catalyst for your company’s transformation. Improve your operations, empower and develop your employees, improve your client engagement, and lay the groundwork to improve your client offerings with technology designed to work the modern way. With anywhere access to your business information and fast performance, you can expect enhanced productivity and better cost control.

In this video, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, David Totten, provides an overview of the Microsoft cloud services and explains how you can leverage the technology to help your business in several areas.

Learn to Leverage Microsoft Cloud Technology

The Microsoft Cloud is an online, centralized suite of business applications that is designed to streamline your business operation at every level. With remote access available anywhere, your employees can be more productive. It allows easier collaboration among staff, suppliers, business partners, and clients. Having your business data in the cloud allows you to both simplify your operations and reduce errors.

Elements of the Microsoft Cloud Platform
Elements of the Microsoft Cloud Platform

Transform Your Print Operations with the Cloud

When you move your infrastructure to the cloud, you are changing the way you consume, connect, and store information. The Microsoft cloud offers high performance: faster speed and uninterrupted service. You can also scale your software up or down to match the growth of your print business, so you’re never at risk of having too much or too little, no matter how your business fluctuates.

You can find David Totten’s overview of how operations have been transformed by cloud technology at [14:49]

Your business data is securely stored and accessed on Microsoft servers. Rather than having to maintain your own server infrastructure and worry about hardware maintenance, you can access, and leverage their technology and wealth of information available.

This assists with cost control as your overhead costs are reduced—you only pay a monthly subscription fee for hosting and data storage. Microsoft also provides extensive technical documentation and includes guidance such as how to set up security for people working from home.

Transform Employee Capabilities with the Cloud

Enhanced Productivity
You can improve the way your people work by connecting all your data and business applications on one powerful, easy-to-use platform. This will allow them to service clients, collaborate with other staff, suppliers, and business partners, share reports, and analyze jobs from any device with an internet connection whenever they want.

Training and Development
To get the most out of your technology, it’s important to ensure that your staff can use it well. Wye Print offers our clients deep, contextual learning on the platform we provide, but outside of our training options, offers an extensive catalog of just-in-time training available for every level of staffing. Employees can choose from over 3600 independent learning modules and learn at their own speed. Your staff can find courses by product or by role and also become certified in over 290 disciplines.

As your staff progresses, they also have access to professional development courses through LinkedIn Learning. Over 30,000 online courses are available for business, technology, creativity skills, technical certification, and even partnered continuing education.

Preparing your team for success means giving them the tools to excel at their jobs. Great technology coupled with effective learning options means your people are better prepared to shine.

Learn more about the training and development opportunities offered at [24:50]

But that’s only the beginning of the benefits available. Speaker David Totten provides an overview of the main components of the Microsoft cloud and how it can improve your business. [18:19]

Transform Your Business with the Digital Information Loop on the Microsoft Cloud Network
Transform Your Business with the Digital Information Loop on the Microsoft Cloud Network

Improve Client Engagement

David Totten discusses client engagement at [27 :40]

Centralizing and simplifying your operations means fewer errors and faster service for clients. A well-designed system also allows your company to be nimble and respond effectively to the ever-changing business environment. The pandemic challenged all businesses to reconsider how they operate and how they interact among staff, with business partners, and with clients.

David Totten provides two examples of how two very different businesses were able to leverage their cloud-based operations to quickly transform and adapt to the pandemic, allowing them to not only survive—but thrive.

As clients, we are all familiar with restaurants—a service industry hit hard by the pandemic. Totten describes how one restaurant, Canlis, was able to innovate their service delivery, keep their employees actively employed, and create a new community of followers and business partners in multiple markets.You can find the whole story at [8:02]

Transform Your Products and Services

An example of how a large, diverse company was able to quickly transform their operations and create new product offerings is Walgreens.

Despite the complexity of its size, the centralized suite of effective business tools allowed them to collaborate with employees quickly and efficiently, suppliers old and new, government, business partners and clients. As a result, they have been able to add to their product and service offerings and expand their client base. You can learn more about their success at [28:47]

Transform the Security of Data Storage and Access

Data storage security, controlled data access, privacy and compliance issues are necessary factors in any business operation. When you move your infrastructure to the cloud, you access the deep security features your company, and your customers need to feel safer putting information online.

All these services are offered by Microsoft cloud security and are an integral part of how their platform is structured.

Microsoft and the Cloud
Microsoft and the Cloud

Companies that do not yet have their information infrastructure in the cloud still need to rely on physical servers and hardware, which need ongoing maintenance—and who do you think hires, trains, and retains the best data security people in the world? As David Totten puts it at [21:10]:

“There’s a lot of really talented security professionals in the world, but do you think you can really invest more in your security and compliance fabric than a company like Microsoft?
We take care of that for you, and then you start spending for what you consume, not for what you think you might need.
That’s the advantage of the Microsoft cloud.”

Instead of investing more money on server and hardware maintenance, you just pay a monthly fee for secure access and connectivity to your operations from anywhere.

By modernizing your data infrastructure and leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform, you can rest assured that your data is always protected and quickly recoverable. Upgrades and regular cumulative updates are also automatic, ensuring that you always have access to the newest features and never a security gap.

Choose Wye Print To Help You Obtain the Benefits of the PrintVis Cloud System

The ability to transform your print operation, transform your employees, transform your client engagement and your product and service offerings requires a robust, industry-specific management information system.

PrintVis is our cloud-based print MIS and ERP solution that combines all the print and business functionality your users need. With integrated Microsoft productivity tools and built-in analytics, everything from quotes to real-time job statuses are easily accessible through a web browser. Built on the proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, PrintVis is quick to implement and fast to produce results from day one.

Wye Print delivers core business applications in an easy-to-consume subscription model at a fraction of the investment in other systems. Contact us today to start the conversation about moving to a reliable cloud-based print MIS and ERP system.