Get Your Sales Team Completing 25% of Estimates in the Field

How quickly can your salespeople create a quote without an estimator?  

The longer it takes to create and deliver a quote to a potential customer, the more likely your print shop will lose that business. The reality is, commercial printing is a highly competitive game, and it’s the industry standard for customers to source multiple quote requests from multiple print shops. Your customers want the best price and timeframe, so it’s up to you to answer that quote request in a timely and (most importantly) accurate way.   

Accelerating Competitive Quotes with Print ERP (MIS)  

Many printers are held back by their estimating technology. Without a centralized database that has the automation capabilities and standardized templates required to simplify the steps, estimating is often a heavily manual and complicated process trusted only to dedicated estimators.  

Estimators have a lot riding on them, as they are responsible for ensuring all pricing is up to date, printing details are accurate, and inventory is available.  

When you are 100% reliant on your estimators to build and customize quotes for every single job to enter your print shop, you end up creating major bottlenecks. And bottlenecks always lead to delays and errors. The best way to reduce these profit-killers is to update your systems to an integrated ERP (MIS) solution.   

Print ERP (MIS) software is specifically designed to simplify and speed up the estimating and quoting process, minimize the need for estimators, and allow sales reps or admins the tools they need to produce an estimate for a standard job. With a faster, more automated approach to creating estimates and delivering quotes, a typical print shop could see a 10–25% reduction in quotes that require an estimator to complete. That means your estimators can spend more time on the complex estimates while your salespeople can quickly and easily produce quotes for smaller, more repetitive jobs.  

Introducing Quick Quotes in PrintVis  

PrintVis has the unique ability to quote and estimate any type of print job in one system. Quick Quotes is used specifically to allow almost anybody the ability to produce accurate estimates and send quotes to customers in Microsoft Outlook within minutes—without an estimator.  

There are many different ways to create quotes in PrintVis, as it was built to adapt to any level of complexity. The team at Wye Print developed a Quick Quotes demo series for our virtual print technology summit, “How to (Legally) Print Money.” The summit is divided into 4 learning sections, with one section completely devoted to PrintVis.  

Efficient estimating and quoting processes are essential to the success of any and every printer—and it’s something we spend a lot of time showing to our potential customers. This demo series shows how the system can guide printers in various industries using different types of equipment to generate an estimate and deliver a quote in under 10 minutes.  

Our Quick Quotes in PrintVis series includes 4 videos which are available to watch below: 

  1. Introduction to Quick Quotes in PrintVis 
  1. How to Create a Commercial Offset Quick Quote in PrintVis 
  1. How to Create a Flexo Label Quick Quote in PrintVis 
  1. How to Create a Flexo Shrink Sleeve Quick Quote in PrintVis 

1 – Introduction to Quick Quotes in PrintVis

Quick Quotes in PrintVis enables almost anybody to produce accurate estimates and send quotes to customers in Microsoft Outlook in just a few minutes, without sending any unnecessary work to an estimator.

2 – How to Create a Commercial Offset Quick Quote in PrintVis

In this example, watch how to generate an accurate quote for an offset-printed saddle-stitched booklet and send it to the customer through seamless integration with Outlook. 

3 – How to Create a Flexo Label Quick Quote in PrintVis

This demo shows how easy it is for non-estimators to create a flexo label quick quote using standardized templates.

4 – How to Create a Flexo Shrink Sleeve Quick Quote in PrintVis

Discover the process of setting up a flexo shrink sleeve quick quote in this video. You will get a better understanding of the quick quote workflow and the options your users will have to choose from. 

If you would like to watch more detailed demos on the functionality and capabilities included in PrintVis, explore the print technology summit! There are 20 recorded demos on PrintVis, in addition to videos on print ERP (MIS) selection, implementation, and optimization.

Book a PrintVis Consult with Wye Print

If you would like to dive deeper into PrintVis’ estimating and quoting capabilities, reach out to our print technology experts. We can help you assess your existing estimating processes, answer any questions you may have about the videos, and even provide a personalized demo tailored to your specific needs.