Quote Faster with PrintVis

Quote Faster with PrintVis The starting point for any profitable print job begins with client quotes based on accurate estimates of print production costs. PrintVis cost estimates offer a distinct advantage as they are quick and comprehensive. The client sale price is automatically calculated based on parameters that you define after assessing direct costs, total … Continued

The Importance of Definitions in Print Estimate Configuration

The Importance of Definitions in Print Estimate Configuration The decision to upgrade or replace your current estimating software often boils down to two areas: cost and efficiency. When your system can’t keep up with the volume and complexity of your print operations, that’s exactly where you start to see the biggest cracks in your foundation. … Continued

Get Your Sales Team Completing 25% of Estimates in the Field

How quickly can your salespeople create a quote without an estimator?   The longer it takes to create and deliver a quote to a potential customer, the more likely your print shop will lose that business. The reality is, commercial printing is a highly competitive game, and it’s the industry standard for customers to source multiple … Continued

How Efficient is Your Print Estimating Process?

As one of the most important areas of print, estimating can be a complicated process. It involves the gathering and consolidation of variable data across the organization, from the cost of materials to equipment usage, to generate the projected price of a print job. The quote delivered to the customer needs to reflect the total … Continued

The Price is Right: Improve Accuracy with Print Estimating Software

No, we’re not going to talk about a classic game show. But we are going to talk about the importance of building pricing strategies. Pricing strategies are an essential element of creating the best possible estimates as quickly as possible. History shows that the first estimate to be received by a customer is most likely … Continued

Top 5 Print Estimating Mistakes

A lot is riding on the estimating department in a busy print shop. Print estimators are responsible for taking the details the sales team has collected from the customer and quickly turning around a precise estimate that incorporates labor, materials, and outsource costs.   Estimating can be a heavily manual process. With many different manufacturing methods available to produce the job, it’s easy to make mistakes during estimation that impact your profitability.  An estimate is the “make or break” point where a … Continued