Get Your Sales Team Completing 25% of Estimates in the Field

How quickly can your salespeople create a quote without an estimator?   The longer it takes to create and deliver a quote to a potential customer, the more likely your print shop will lose that business. The reality is, commercial printing is a highly competitive game, and it’s the industry standard for customers to source multiple … Continued

Maximize the Value of Next Gen Print ERP (MIS) Software

Gone are the days of disparate systems, manual processes, and gut-based decision-making. With tighter profit margins, growing costs, and higher expectations, the only way to stay ahead of the competition is by leveraging integrated cloud print management software.  Understanding the impact that a modern-day cloud ERP (MIS) solution can have on a printer regardless of industry or segment, we helped develop a one-of-a-kind technology … Continued

How Efficient is Your Print Estimating Process?

As one of the most important areas of print, estimating can be a complicated process. It involves the gathering and consolidation of variable data across the organization, from the cost of materials to equipment usage, to generate the projected price of a print job. The quote delivered to the customer needs to reflect the total … Continued

Cloud for Print 101: Removing Cloud Hesitancy in the Print Industry

The emergence of cloud print services and solutions over the last few years has accelerated cloud adoption in the print industry. Driven by cost savings and process efficiencies, print organizations that have fully embraced the transformation have positioned themselves for increased competitiveness and future growth.   In a recent study by Quocirca, more than two-thirds of … Continued

What is ERP for Print?

Whether you are a small print shop or a large commercial printer, competition is fierce in the print industry. With bigger demands, expanding territories, and tighter profit margins, the solution is not to lower your prices but to find a better way to stay organized and productive while supporting growth. It’s business management technology that … Continued

Are You Ready for Print Management Software?

Integrated print management software is designed to help you better manage your print operations, improve process efficiencies, and increase performance. From financial management and sales to inventory and production, the right solution will seamlessly automate core areas of your business and establish one system of record for more accurate data and better communication between departments.    Although there … Continued

Print MIS vs Print ERP: What’s the Difference?

Managing a print shop can be complicated without the right software in place. The problem is, there are a lot of options out there to choose from. Printers can run any combination of systems to help get them through the day, from Microsoft Excel or accounting software to separate systems for estimating and shop floor … Continued

8 Mistakes to Avoid in the Print Software Selection Process

To meet today’s rising demands for customization, speed, sustainability, and cost efficacy, print shops around the world are under pressure to increase process efficiencies and profit margins. One of the fastest ways to reduce errors, streamline production, and create more value across your print production line is through the business process automation features that come … Continued