Meet the Wye Core Team

Dedicated to the Human Component

At Wye Core, we understand the power of flexible cloud technology and the true value of having people who know how to use it. With a fully-stacked team of Dynamics 365 Business Central experts and an impressive list of happy customers, we’re here to help you become game-changers in your industry.

Core Technology That People Will Use

By keeping the technology uncomplicated and enabling users to be actual experts in their craft, Wye delivers a unique and powerful way to transform every aspect of a business.

Promoting skill expansion at the individual level, Wye helps companies continually push revenue exploration, drive innovations, and both deliver and extract maximum value in every customer engagement.

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Who We Are

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Our projects unleash a flood of new ideas and opportunities that increase daily efficiencies and completely change the way people approach their work.

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By putting the power back into the hands of the user, Wye Core facilitates the journey from tentative to mastery—creating fearless super users.

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As a team, Wye Core is open, honest, and welcoming. We’re here to answer any questions you have and work with you to address any problems.

Empowering People to Solve Problems

Empowering People to Solve Problems

Enabling success has everything to do with how people use tools and nothing to do with the tools themselves. As a business that knows its technology platforms are sound, functional, and efficient, Wye Core doesn’t waste time preaching about features trying to sell the potential results of using a tool. Instead, Wye Core actively promotes Making Users Awesome.

But what does that really mean? Wye Core helps users:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of exactly how to execute their role
  • Instilling confidence through purposeful, meaningful learning experiences
  • Facilitate the journey from tentative to mastery
  • Become fearless by providing the skills to help them realize that a lot more of what they want is possible