The “Readme” that describes the issue addressed, the objects affected, and the resolution for each released Update is listed below. To obtain the Update for application to your Ceres database please contact Support; be sure to reference the Update number (i.e. CERES4.5X.XX) in the support request.

Prevent Rename of Items
43 KB  –  2020.10.30
Add Page Controls
96 KB  –  2020.10.30
Credit and Recreate Updates
91 KB  –  2020.10.30
42 KB  –  2020.07.24
44 KB  –  2020.07.17
CERES5.00.26_Misc. System Updates
170 KB  –  2020.01.13
CERES4.51.82_Revaluation of Kit Items
150 KB  –  2019.09.26
CERES5.00.12_Minor Page Modifications
150 KB  –  2019.08.29
CERES4.51.53 Agency Pallet Tracking
297 KB  –  2018.11.05
CERES4.50.63 ADCS Multiple Locations
193 KB  –  2017.09.12
CERES4.50.32 My Jet Reports
99 KB  –  2017.05.16
CERES4.50.18 No Bin Suggestion on WAP
193 KB  –  2017.03.08
CERES4.50.10 Copy Document Errors
101 KB  –  2017.02.21

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