Fund Accounting

Proactively Manage Non-Profit Funding and Resource Allocation

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Balance Your Books with Ease

All nonprofits, from faith-based charities to environmental organizations, need fund accounting to accurately track and manage incoming funds and their usage. With accurate fund accounting from Wye Cares, we provide the full financial performance visibility you need to monitor budgets, balance the books, and ensure accurate spend control and cash flow.



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Make Daily Operations Easier on Your Team

At Wye Cares, we don’t just provide the technology—we provide the training your staff needs to successfully adopt the software and leverage its full scope of features and functionality. Awesome users doing awesome things yield awesome results.

Discover How Simple Fund Accounting Can Be

Schedule a personalized demo with Wye Cares to see these fund accounting features live in action. From the general ledger and budgeting to activity tracking and donor management, our software is flexible to fit your unique nonprofit needs.