Arts, Culture and Humanities

Bring Art and Culture to the Forefront with Modern ERP Technology

Better Manage Creative and Historical Causes Using All-in-One Nonprofit Software

Nonprofit organizations focused on the arts, culture, and humanities need to be financially viable to deliver an impact. With limited government funding and a huge pressure to retain and engage donors, groups like yours need the right technology to automate key processes, organize financials, and effectively manage programs, shows, and exhibitions.

Engage the Community and Reach Bigger Audiences

At Wye Cares, we provide ERP software for nonprofits with all of the functionality you need and nothing you don’t. Unlike other systems on the market, our flexible, affordable nonprofit financial management system in the cloud gives you the tools you need to become more efficient in your every day, leading to continued delivery of sustainable programs. Here’s what it includes:

Intuitive and easy-to-use platform for volunteers to board membersIntuitive and easy-to-use platform for volunteers to board members
Accurately track donors and monitor revenueAccurately track donors and monitor revenue
Ensure compliance with simple, accurate financial reportingEnsure compliance with simple, accurate financial reporting
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Optimize Your Resources and Budget

With complete visibility into your nonprofit organization’s performance, you can start to improve the way you operate. Wye Cares’ Dynamics 365 Business Central for Nonprofits provides the financial management and fund accounting functionality you need to balance the budget and expand your reach.

Instill Confidence in Your Benefactors and Donors

As a charitable organization looking to cut through operational chaos, you know that success lies in the potential of your staff and volunteers. Specializing in Dynamics 365 Business Central, we focus on building a foundation for your nonprofit operation that improves the user experience and makes everyone’s job a little simpler. These are vital areas to the success of technology adoption and sustaining growth.

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Connect with Wye Cares

Delivering social impact requires talent, systems, and processes. Find out how Wye Cares and Business Central can make a difference by booking a meeting or demo with our friendly team. We’re here to answer any questions you have and show you what we can do for your arts, culture, and humanities organization.