Quote Faster with PrintVis

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Quote Faster with PrintVis

The starting point for any profitable print job begins with client quotes based on accurate estimates of print production costs. PrintVis cost estimates offer a distinct advantage as they are quick and comprehensive. The client sale price is automatically calculated based on parameters that you define after assessing direct costs, total costs, overhead, and mark-up. To see how it works, you can watch this PrintVis overview video or keep scrolling to read the highlights:

In this 22:53 video, you can see the input process timing in an example quote that includes both simple and complex print jobs. This one sample project encompasses several production methods: offset, digital with variable data, wide format printing and finishing, the inclusion of subcontracted work, and custom kit compilation.

How fast could you currently produce this quote?

01 Quote 1 808 Mark

Quick Quotes Make Estimation Faster and Easier

While PrintVis offers far more than just regular print estimating software, one key advantage is the Quick Quotes function, which produces fast and accurate quotes for your clients in minutes.  

In creating the quote, a key time-saving feature is the set of standard templates that come with the PrintVis package. The templates are customizable to your business needs without sacrificing any of the efficiency of the estimation process. 

To produce a QuickQuote, your staff simply chooses the appropriate job template and then completes PrintVis prompts selecting the applicable items for that order. By using the built-in process, staff members are guided through the estimation process to ensure that all identified costs are considered, ensuring maximum profitability.  

You can see an example of a customized template for the magazine quote at 8:18. Even with the template adjustments for custom sizing and additional admin time, the complete estimation process from starting to the finished quote sent to the client directly from PrintVis was two minutes.

02 Start of Estimation C856 Mark
02 Start of Estimation B
This quote for custom-sized magazines was created in 2 minutes.

For clients that have more complex needs, you can also create a fully custom quote based on the quote building blocks available.  

You can see the manual quote preparation process for the custom boxes at 1:32, including manual box assembly. You’ll also see a project set up to track all quote request components in one campaign file. This allows you to easily monitor the project status at any time and decipher or combine information for simplified reporting and billing purposes as well. 

You can see the details of the comprehensive estimation process at 4:51, and below is the estimation summary [6:29] and the finished quote ready to send to the client direct from PrintVis [8:02]. Despite the project’s complexity, the entire process took less than 4 minutes.

03 Finnished Quote B
05 808 Mark
This complex quote process was completed in less than 4 minutes.

The efficient PrintVis process extends beyond quoting and estimating. The promotional mug featured in this complex quote is an outsourced item that needs to be included in the kit. The estimation process allows you to add the cost of procuring the mugs and assembling the kits. It also will produce and send the purchase order to your vendor. You can see the process in action at 14:31. The entire quote and purchase order process (including planning for the time required when mugs are received) only took 1.5 minutes

For clients, speed is key in making the sale. 

Once the client approves the quote, it changes status and becomes an order, without any duplicate input required. The same order case record then becomes part of the production process.

Simple and Consistent Estimating Processes Produce Clear Results for Everyone in the Organization

The built-in quote function in PrintVis ensures that you have a consistent process for creating customer quotes, regardless of who is creating the quote. It also provides a single, consistent method of moving the same information from the sales and service stage to production. 

Once the print job is complete, the same record is used for shipping, invoicing, and payment processing. Data entry duplication is eliminated, minimizing errors and administrative costs.

Print Estimate Information is Always Current and Easily Accessible

You can see an example below of the status reporting for different jobs (cases) in PrintVis [19:14]. At any point in time, you can know how many quotes have been created, how many have converted to orders and the status of the orders in production.

06 Current Status1914 Mark
Current status is always available, even on mobile devices!

Management reporting is always current—without any further administrative effort required. Better information leads to better decision-making and helps identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

Wye Print Helps You Quote Print Jobs Faster

As industry experts in PrintVis, Wye Print can help you get the most benefit from print estimating software. We will guide you and your team through creating the appropriate customizations so that all your costs are correctly calculated and quote templates fit your company. We can also work with your staff to ensure custom quotes for complex jobs are easy. 

Wye Print knows that to get the most out of PrintVis, proper setup and staff training are essential. By taking the attention off features and functions and concentrating on the user learning experience instead, Wye Print can change the face of how your print business uses technology to build and sustain growth.