7 Exciting New Upgrades in PrintVis 20

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In the fast-paced and demanding print industry, keeping up with the latest tech advancements can be a challenge. That’s why PrintVis is trying to make life simpler for print shops of all sizes and complexities. With all-in-one cloud software that is updated regularly, you will keep your print shop running smoothly and efficiently. 

Wye Print can help your business implement, manage, and stay up to date on the latest changes with PrintVis. In this blog, we’ll go over the new features and updates in the latest version of PrintVis.

PrintVis got an update recently, and there are some exciting brand-new features as well as upgrades to existing features in PrintVis 20. PrintVis 20 officially launched on April 12, 2022. At the time of writing, the most current version is This release is for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1, and it is based on Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022. 

If you have PrintVis currently, your system will be all up to date. All you need to do is learn about and take advantage of these fantastic new features! While there have been numerous updates and upgrades, there are 7 specifically that we think are worth talking about.  

3 Awesome Brand-New Features in PrintVis 20

There are 3 new features in PrintVis 20 that will be really helpful for the IT department, inventory management, and day-to-day workflow management. They are:

1. Admin Profiles

01 print vis admin profile

PrintVis has created a new admin user profile and role center, specifically for your IT people or those who develop and manage your PrintVis setup. Admin users will be able to access all areas of the system from the Admin Profile, as well as the PrintVis Setup and RapidStart. This new profile feature should make system maintenance and management more efficient for Admin users.

2. Item Reservations

02 print vis items reservation

The item reservations feature will help make your inventory management more efficient by showing you exactly what is in stock and what is needed for upcoming jobs. You’ll be better able to forecast your supply needs to make sure you have the right stock at the right time and prevent inventory-related delays. Item reservations allow the production manager to place an official reservation for the items they need to complete a print job.  
There will be two lists on the Material Requirements or case-specific pages. The top list shows the materials required for the job you’re planning, and the bottom list, “Reservation Entries,” will show how many of the selected item(s) are reserved for other jobs. This new feature will also assist in planning, ordering, and reducing waste.

3. Cost Center Monitor List

03 print vis cost center monitor list

The cost center monitor list is a useful upgrade in the latest version of PrintVis that will help production managers see every cost center, whether person or machine, at a glance, on one screen. This is the best way to know what’s happening on the print floor at any given moment. The system updates every minute, so it’s never old data. It shows the current production status for each cost center, as well as:

  • Device status
  • Current operation
  • Order number
  • Job
  • Employee name
  • Start time
  • Device speed
  • Planned and actual project time

For any MOXA/JDF cost centers, you will also now be able to see the current speed of the machine when you open the cost center. The cost center monitor makes it easier to manage your day efficiently and react quickly to changes or issues that arise, minimizing disruptions and working as efficiently as possible.

4 New Improvements to Existing PrintVis Features

The talented development teams at PrintVis and Microsoft are continuously making improvements to their current software, and that includes improvements to existing features. Here are some significant enhancements happening in PrintVis 20:

1. Improved Scheduling Navigation

You can now get right to the production plan from the planning board, so you can easily and quickly move to the scheduling phase of planning.

2. RapidStart Enhancements

RapidStart has been streamlined, and redundancies have been removed for the most efficient usage, more useful import elements have been added, and there is now easy access to help articles in each section.

3. Production Plan Updates

04 print vis production plan

Your production plan view will now highlight units that are running late. The text in the “Ending” field will be bolded, italicized, and turn red. Units that are on track will be bold and green. The “Requested Shipment Date” field will also change for late jobs.

4. Add New Milestones

Milestones can now be set up to affect other production milestones or tasks. This should help you plan further in advance for possible production issues. Milestones can be set to affect predecessor units, successor units, or have no impact on other milestones.

These are just some of the most useful highlights released in PrintVis 20. PrintVis has made other valuable updates in the latest edition, many that print shops have been clamoring for. If you’re interested in reading more about the new features, check out the PrintVis 20 Release here.

Explore PrintVis 20 with Wye Print

With an ever-evolving system like PrintVis, it’s important to test out the new updates and leverage them for your own business. These improvements and enhancements are designed to help your business operate more efficiently and improve the way your people use PrintVis every day.  

We highly recommend that you explore these new features and updates in PrintVis 20. You can investigate them yourself in PrintVis, or you can hop on a call with one of Wye Print’s PrintVis experts. We’re here to help you figure out how best to use the new tools to your advantage!