WSPA Arizona Golf Tournament 2020

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In October of 2020, Wye sponsored the WSPA golf tournament in Arizona. We were extremely excited to attend an in-person event that was also COVID safe for the attendees. The weather was hot but absolutely beautiful and spirits were high of all golfers on the green.

We had the pleasure of meeting many print industry individuals as well as shooting them with money! Yes – real money! Find out how we took our golf tournament sponsorship and turned it into an interactive and fun visit for everyone.

What Happened

The golf tournament was held on October 9th at the Arizona Grand Hotel and Resort. The shotgun start began at 1pm and soon after we began to visit with our fellow print industry peers at the 9th hole.

We were pleased to greet each golfer at our branded setup, courtesy of H&W Printing. H&W did a marvelous job of capturing our bright blue Cyan and delivering everything to our hotel in prompt time for us to set up for the event.

Not only did we have a sweet setup, but we brought lots of goodies to give out to every golfer that stopped by. We gave out tons of freebies, but not without good fun of asking each golfer to spin our wheel prizes.

What’s On The Wheel?

Just like any good game of golf, it was best to spin and get an Ace or “the money shot.” Literally… We brought a money gun to Arizona with us just to give each Ace winner a few seconds to catch real bills.

And for those not lucky enough to get the money gun, we had lots of other great gifts. A cooling towel to keep you from overheating, markers to throw into your golf bag, golf balls in case you lost a few to the rough, and kisses (Hershey’s of course!)

Why We Went

This was actually our first event with WSPA, which made it extra special. Since we are new to the member network, we really wanted to make a good first impression. One of our values as an organization is to ensure our users feel like they are awesome at what they do. We felt like we had to bring that energy to the event.

We are also extremely committed to the human component of what we do, and we believe in face time with people in our industry. Connecting with real industry professionals in a comfortable setting helps us better understand others’ opportunities and challenges. We know PrintVis can help printers find solutions to many of their biggest challenges. Chatting with printers one-on-one helps us understand how we can best assist in solving those.

What Did We Learn?

That an all-inclusive ERP solution for printers could solve many pain points that printers are putting up with today. Individuals expressed that they want a software provider that really supports them and isn’t a huge financial burden. Many were delighted to hear that both are Wye initiatives. We believe that we are the best option for most printers because we make adopting a new software feasible. With flexible deployment options, clear directions, and an awesome training program, any printer can use PrintVis to enhance their operational success.

Printers rarely have the opportunity to explore the right technologies because of their fast pace environment. Our goal for 2021 and beyond  is to continue to educate and spread information. As we launch our blog, continue to grow our interactive learning program, and get more involved in our member networks, we hope that we bring great value to the industry.

Will We Be There Next Year?

Yes! We had an amazing time visiting with everyone in Arizona and hope to see everyone next year as well as meet some new faces. In person interactions are important, even for an entirely remote company. If you stopped by our table and participated in our giveaways, thank you and we look forward to connecting with you and your business.

Couldn’t attend? Let’s connect! We know many were wary of travel and didn’t make it out this year, but we will be back in 2021. We are also working on tons of valuable virtual information to share with you all. If you would like to check out favorite PrintVis highlights, check out our overview video on our homepage. If you have specific questions or want to talk to someone about your pain points, schedule a call with one of our senior advisors. We are happy to get to know you, whether you are making the jump to one core application or not!