How to Prepare for an Enterprise-Wide Print MIS Implementation

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Most print companies consider changing their print management systems due to issues that arise with their current setup, or they are looking for opportunities to improve their operations, profitability, and company growth.  

The process of evaluation and implementation of print MIS solutions is a long but important process and, when done well, will improve both profitability and satisfaction levels for both clients and staff. 

In this video, Lisa Scotch, Print Industry Strategist & Innovator at Wye Print, answers questions about choosing an effective print management software and walks you through the often-daunting process of implementing print MIS solutions. 

Lisa draws on her 20+ years working within the print industry and 7 years working with print technology. She is well-positioned to help print companies assess potential print MIS software and achieve enterprise-wide software solutions. 

In this video, Lisa Scotch guides you through 8 stages of analysis and execution by asking a series of questions [1:39]: 

  • How software is selected 
  • Why is a specific choice made? 
  • When is a company ready to make the change? 
  • Who should be involved in the process? 
  • Who should be your business partner in implementation? 
  • Where should the investment be made 

By addressing these questions, you can create what she refers to as an Iron Triangle supporting your decisions: schedule, scope, and budget.

8 Steps on how to choose print management technology that best fits your business
How do you choose between the print MIS solutions available?

8 Steps to Succeeding with Your Print MIS Software Implementation

In broad terms, the answer to any successful change is to have a clear picture of where you are and a clear picture of where you would like to end up. Applying this logic to a successful print MIS rollout, there are 8 iterative stages to project execution that can be broadly grouped into preparation, decision-making, and implementation.

Preparing for Your Print MIS Project

In the preparation stage, the goal is to identify your needs. Here are the first four steps:  

1. Document your starting point in detail—your current system and infrastructure 

2. Establish your budget and the ideal scope of the project 

3. Establish your team for this project, and align your goals 

4. Identify where you would like to end up—document detailed business requirements and goals

Know the Why behind your choice of print management software—define your success criteria based on business impact
How to Choose your Print Management Solution

Lisa Scotch highlights some of the key issues that may be involved with a Print MIS solutions project at 10:29. She also offers more detailed information and a free whitepaper on how to avoid the common issues while selecting print shop management technology, which is available here:

In the decision-making stage, you will need to identify the viable options and decide on the software solution that best suits your needs. Here are the next two steps:  

5. Evaluate the print MIS solutions available (see whitepaper for more details

6. Essential due diligence steps regarding the chosen product and vendor

Implementing Your Chosen Print MIS Solution

In this final stage, you will work with your implementation partner to install the software and work on integrating your new software functionality into your operations. [19:23] 

This isn’t a step to be taken lightly and to help guide you through this critical step, Lisa Scotch offers a scorecard to determine your readiness, available as a free download here:

The scorecard will help you through the next two all-important stages of your print MIS implementation 

7. Choosing an implementation partner is a key factor in ensuring a successful rollout  

8. Successfully implementing the new print MIS software solution you’ve chosen

How to Select a Print Software Solution Partner

Clearly, with so much at stake, it’s important to thoroughly assess your potential business partner, and their ability to effectively support your company through this complex transition. 

To help walk you through that decision process, Wye Print offers two free tools available for download: 

These tools provide excellent guidance on making the best choice for your company and this critical business partner.

Let Wye Print Guide You

Wye Print has a long and successful history of using new technology to help print shops modernize their infrastructure through client support, business and process analysis, sales support, and project management for ERP/MIS implementation projects. 

Wye Print specializes in supporting clients to fully leverage and master PrintVis to improve profitability, improve customer service, improve business operations, and set the stage for company growth. We’re also well versed in preparing for large-scale ERP projects and can help guide you through the early stages of performance needs analysis and help you define the scope of a new ERP implementation— regardless of your chosen platform.  

To find out more about how Wye Print can help your print company achieve more with the right technology, contact Wye Print, reach out: