Why Hemlock Printers Chose PrintVis

Jan 10 - 7 min read

Founded in 1968, Hemlock is one of the largest and most recognized printing companies in North America. Hemlock specializes in digital and offset commercial printing, with 5 offices and 200+ employees.   To serve North America’s graphic designers, advertising agencies, and corporate clients, the company’s 8...

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Get Your Sales Team Completing 25% of Estimates in the Field

Jan 6 - 5 min read

How quickly can your salespeople create a quote without an estimator?   The longer it takes to create and deliver a quote to a potential customer, the more likely your print shop will lose that business. The reality is, commercial printing is a highly compet...

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How to (Legally) Print Money Summit

Maximize the Value of Next Gen Print ERP (MIS) Software

Dec 22 - 8 min read

Gone are the days of disparate systems, manual processes, and gut-based decision-making. With tighter profit margins, growing costs, and higher expectations, the only way to stay ahead of the competition is by leveraging integrated cloud print management software.&n...

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How Efficient is Your Print Estimating Process?

Oct 19 - 5 min read

As one of the most important areas of print, estimating can be a complicated process. It involves the gathering and consolidation of variable data across the organization, from the cost of materials to equipment usage, to generate the projected price of a print job. The ...

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The Price is Right: How to Improve Print Estimate Accuracy

Sep 27 - 5 min read

No, we’re not going to talk about a classic game show. But we are going to talk about the importance of building pricing strategies. Pricing strategies are an essential element of creating the best possible estimates as quickly as possible. History shows that the firs...

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Cloud for Print 101: Removing Cloud Hesitancy in the Print Industry

Aug 9 - 9 min read

The emergence of cloud print services and solutions over the last few years has accelerated cloud adoption in the print industry. Driven by cost savings and process efficiencies, print organizations that have fully embraced the transformation have positioned themselves f...

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What is ERP for Print?

May 26 - 6 min read

Whether you are a small print shop or a large commercial printer, competition is fierce in the print industry. With bigger demands, expanding territories, and tighter profit margins, the solution is not to lower your prices but to find a better way to stay organized and ...

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